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Hasslefree Minis Offers New Magnetic Basing Options

Hasslefree Minis following customer suggestions have added some new shapes and a new range to their selection of die-cut magnetic basing materials:

From their website:

Following customer suggestions we have added some new shapes and a new range to our selection of die-cut magnetic basing materials.

The new shape added is 25mm diameter hexagon (25mm diameter flat side to flat side, not point to point).

The hexagon is available in both 0.75mm thick magnetic rubber and also 0.4mm thick 'Ironflex'.

Currently in adhesive-backed magnetic rubber we stock discs in 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 40mm and 50mm diameter. Square tiles in 20mm and 25mm diameter. Tape in 8mm and 20mm diameter.

The new product 'Ironflex' is stocked as the new 25mm Hex, 25mm and 50mm discs and 25mm and 50mm tape.

'Ironflex' is a flexible ferrous-based rubber which is adhesive-backed like the rest of our range. It is attractive to both A/B and North/South magnets and magnetic materials. It cuts easily with scissors and unlike steel sheet there are no nasty little annoying cuts and scratches!

The magnetic basing range is one of our most popular ranges and we hope that this investment into alternate die-cut shapes will prove popular so that we can invest and add to the range, or we may never listen to our customers again!

The new items are now in our shop (look for 'New Stuff' at the top of the accessories section) and if you want to find our more about the range then please visit our forum or post your questions here.

Thanks for reading!