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Hasslefree Miniatures shows off new Dwarves

Hasslefree Miniatures has new Dwarves!

Off to the copy we go:

It has taken a while for these little guys to work their way to the top of the production queue, but now they are here and (even if i say so myself) they are pretty fab.
There are two new multi-packs and one more on the way as well as a new character dwarf in about 3 weeks time.
Both of these packs come with 4 completely different bodies (so a total of 8 new body variants between the two packs). One pack comes with 4 assorted hand weapons and the other comes with 4 spears. The spears from HFD024 will fit the bodies from HFD023 and vice versa which means about 64 combination before you add in the 4 shield variants which are also added to each pack.
Approximately 23mm to eye level, they are sculpted in 28mm scale. The armour is an extrapolation of Norman armour but obviously Kev has adapted it to fit dwarf physique (short and fat).