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Hasslefree Miniatures shows off March releases

Hasslefree Miniatures gives us a look at some of their March releases. Don't mess with these girls!

From the announcement:

As always with news releases I seem to be permanently running 2 weeks behind, I only realised that I hadnt submitted details of this set of releases as I was prepping the images for the next set due out at the end of this week! One day I will catch up ( miracles can happen you know!)

These two lovely ladies are joining Dwarves and Adventurers. Hayden is our popular Troll-slayer originally released in resin but now also in metal due to public demand. Also bowing to customer demand, Kev has sculpted a version of her with no top (boobs out, dont follow this link at work ... and also a sci-fi version of her with a cut down P90.

Felicity is a new version of HFN003, this variant of her will go with the rest of the gang ( being converted into armed heroes.

Both figures are 28mm scale single piece and cast in white metal.

Thanks for reading!

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