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Hasslefree Miniatures New Releases Now Available

Hasslefree Miniatures first set of releases in white metal for 2012 went online last week:

From their post:

All sculpted in 28mm scale, this is a diverse little group.

Gina and Rae are two variations of the same seductive female, one sculpted by Kev and one by Andrew Rae. Although originally designed as a cold-hearted, multi-personality infiltrator, they are both unarmed, and with their clean lines could be used as non-combatants.

Also in the non-combatants range, we have an new HF kiddie to add to the growing selection of our children that Kev likes to sculpt. Bat-Kieran is our eleven-year-old all dressed up to go to a fancy dress party. No weapons (Batman doesn't need them…) means he is classed as a non-com; however, he could also join HFA071 Aaron in the Adventurers (who is also in costume).

Our beautiful female Space Pirate is Andreah. Raised by rogue merchants and pirates, she is a proud warrior who plies her trade amongst the stars. A gorgeously detailed piece who is also available in pale blue/grey HF resin as code HFP020B.

We have some new resin releases as well, along with a new zombie pack from Studio Miniatures, and some lovely new brass warning-strips from PK-Pro. If you want to make sure you haven't missed anything that has been released lately, there is a new section at the top of each category section on the website which list the latest releases.

Some more news soon includes the details of the new decals currently being produced, plus another set of releases due out at the end of February.

Our Facebook page has a lot more smaller updates, plus also sneak peeks of the new decals.