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Hasslefree Miniatures has some new Dwarves

Hasslefree Miniatures has some new dwarf warriors up on their website. It'd be nice if you took a look.

From the update:

A total of 3 new male dwarf multi-packs have now been released over the last few weeks along with a new male character dwarf/leader.

Packs HFD023 and HFD024 each contain 4 different bodies giving a total of 8 variants between the two packs. HFD023 contains 4 hand weapons and HFD024 contains 4 spears. The hands for each are attached already to the weapon and the clean join to the main body is at the right wrist. The weapons from HFD023 will fit the bodies in pack HFD024 and vice versa giving even more variations.

Both packs are supplied with a sprue of 4 shields

Pack HFD025 is a pack of 4 single-piece crossbow-wielding dwarves holding them in different positions. They have short-swords on their left hips and are carrying short arrows on their right hips.

HFD026 is a bearded male dwarf leaning on a nice big axe, he has a short-sword on his left hip and is supplied with a shield that fits on his back.

All of the dwarves are 28mm scale with an approximate height to eye-level of 21 - 22mm.

As well as being available on the website, we will have a good stock of them at Salute.

If you cant make Salute, dont forget the Salute promotions running from 19th to 23rd April on the website