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Hasslefree Miniatures Barbarian Chieftain in Wolf-Skin Cloak

Hasslefree Miniatures post pictures of a Barbarian Chieftan miniature:

From their website:

We are fast approaching the start of our 9th year of trading, January 7th 2012 sees our 8th birthday and what a rollercoaster it has been, the last 2 years expecially.

Historically we release a limited-run figure for our anniversary, the 2011 figure was a Barbarian in a Wolf-skin cloak and although was cast up he was never released as some serious family issues that had emerged in September 2010 became impossible to deal with which led to us going 'offline' for a few months with the online shop closed for about 6 months in total.

Since August this year we have been working towards moving on from the traumas of the last 16 months and are finally at a place where we think this is a good time to finally release this figure.

'Wolf' is our barbarian figure released in different variants since 2004. This year sees 3 new variants for him including a one-piece resin version depicting two nubile females encircling his muscular legs. Long hair in this variant makes this a very 'Samson and Delilah' type vignette. The next variant from this is where he has a bald head.... this could follow on from the 'Samson and Delilah' story or could just be that Kev decided he wanted him bald!

The limited release with the Wolf-skin cloak is cast in pale blue/grey resin by Grey Matter Figures. It comes as two parts with the right hand/sword being joined to the main boady at the wrist (the join is hidden by a bracelet)
It is supplied in numbered packaging to show its position within the 100 castings on sale.

A lovely painted version by Matt Lucas is on this thread on the Forum of Doom ( and you can find our lovely Barbarian in our webshop (*new-toys*)

Thanks for reading!

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