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Hasslefree March releases part 1

Hasslefree Miniatures have released the first part of their scheduled 28mm releases for March 2011. March releases From their announcement:
The first stage of our March Fantasy releases are up in the webstore. The sci-fi releases went up a week ago but I forgot to send over a news item so will correct that tomorrow. We have five releases this time, four new characters for our Adventurers range and some new weapons for our Armoury. First up is HFA066 William, our trench-coated, nocturnal hunter. Not sure if i would like to meet him after a night out on the tiles. He is closely followed by HFA070 Maria (b), she is a young female in a dynamic pose who comes with a choice of two weapons...a Mac10 plus a pistol.
The Second female adventurer is HFA068 Morgan (b), a petite Private Eye with a pistol. The last adventurer looks more at home at a gaming table with a few beers than killing zombies but dont let the friendly persona fool you, his katana looks pretty sharp to me. The new addition to our diverse armoury are HFL050 P90's, some PDW's...easily concealable and a nice light SMG so even the girlies can handle this one. Thats all for now, thanks for listening. Next instalment by the end of the week where there will be two, maybe three resin pieces on release. Definitely Wolf in Cloak and Wolf with Chicks and our caster has informed us that he has 20 copies of the clear HFA069 Tomoko