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Hasslefree June 2011 Releases

June releasesHasslefree Miniatures have posted details of their June 2011 miniature releases. From their announcement:
Don’t go rushing off to the HF website for your latest fix of goodies because we are closed for the time being to direct orders and are only processing retailer orders. When you go onto our front page there is a link to our retailers who will be stocking the new releases. Some of them already have stock and I am sure if you email them they will be able to get them in for you. Our website will continue to be closed to direct orders for a few more weeks, there is a lot of re-organising to do around the change-over from sole trader to Ltd company but we also have some family stuff going on that is limiting our office time, we know you will all understand that sometimes real life has a nasty habit of interfering with the making of toy soldiers especially where four kids are concerned. We are still active on the Forum of Doom as well on our Facebook page where you can find pictures of new greens and updates on what is happening behind the scenes.
Anyhow back to the latest set of releases. HFA071 Aaron is a crime-fighting ‘have a go hero’ joining our Adventurers range. This first batch of castings that the retailers have is limited as we have experienced some casting issues with the positioning of his head so KJ has had to alter if slightly making the head a separate part, so if you dislike sticking on heads I would suggest you grab him now before he goes. HFP017 Brooke is an angst-ridden teenage genius with a ‘not too healthy’ liking for violence, don’t let the sweet exterior fool you, she is definitely someone you want on your side in a fight. HFP016 is a new Pirate, Captain John depicts a classic-style pirate with swash-buckling coat, cutlass, pistol and a wooden leg. Looking for a short dictator-type? Then look no further than HFN018 Hy-un Dai. Kev did originally sculpt him with glasses but they made the face look distorted so he took them off. A bit of eclectic mix this month and available now from our retailers. These won’t be on our website for at least another month. I know we have a large bulk of customers who prefer to buy direct from us and will probably wait until normal operations are resumed for their latest fix but it is a scary time for us shutting to web-orders for such a prolonged time so by supporting our retailers you will also be supporting us. Our next website release will be the end of July when there are some new modern troopers plus a curvy little female called ‘Gina’….I wanted to call her ‘Caprice’ but Kev preferred Gina. You can find pictures of her plus the other finished greens on the Forum of Doom of our Facebook page. Thanks lots for reading guys