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Hasslefree fantasy female nudes set

Hasslefree Miniatures have released a set of fantasy female nude figures. fantasy female nudes From their announcement:
Following requests from a number of customers for a pack containing all of the naked fantasy females I give you the following:
  • HFH006 Harem Girl
  • HFH009 Poledancer
  • HFH010 Gymnast
  • HFH015 Gayle
  • HFH021 Akanke, harem guard
  • HFH022 Concubine
  • HFH025 Nubian Female with Spear
  • HFH026 Nubian Female with Shield
  • HFH031 Acenith
  • HFH034 Almira
  • HFH036 Artemis
With a reduction of 25p per model compared to the price if bought separately your wallet will be as happy as your eyes.