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Hasbro and Indiegogo Launch Crowdfunding Game Challenge

From my experience, every gamer out there has a game that they've been working on in their head. Some even make it to written notes or even a prototype form, but they don't tend to get much further than that. Well, if you really do want to try and take the plunge into publishing your game, Hasbro and Indiegogo are willing to help via their Crowdfunding Game Challenge.

From now until May 15th, game designers are encouraged to submit their ideas for games on the Hasbro Gaming Lab website. From there, there will be several rounds of prototyping and playing the games. Out of the ones submitted, five will be chosen as finalists and get an Indiegogo campaign with guidance by Hasbro and Indiegogo. The winner of the overall contest will get $25k and a trip to Hasbro with the opportunity to make their game.

So get your ideas submitted. The 15th of May will be here before you expect it.