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Harsh Realities running Kickstarter for ElfWood

Harsh Realities is running a Kickstarter campaign for ElfWood, their setting for the Sixcess core RPG system.


From the campaign:

ElfWood is a world of dark fantasy adventure on the Scalding Seas. In the verdant forests, deep in the acrid mines and through the jungles, plains and mountains of great, unexplored vistas. Whether part of the elven culture, or striving and contending against it, the lifecycle of the Elves touches everyone in some way. Yet there are rumors in the West of a great change. Whispers of the prophecy of the Forest King, once considered sacrilege to even mention, have surfaced again. Without full control and domination of society—and fragmented as they are—the Vyrden can no longer quash the whispers and stifle the cults.