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Harebrained Schemes Releases Final Golem Arcana Expansion

With the release of Durani: Champions of the Western Wind, that marks the end of new releases for Golem Arcana from Harebrained Schemes. There are no more expansions that are planned. So if you need to catch up on the 17 retail expansions, 14 web exclusives, and other such products, you will have a chance to do so now.

The reason given is pretty simple: despite getting all sorts of awards, people just aren't buying the game. It costs a lot to keep a miniatures game running, especially with the added wrinkle of having an app that goes along with it, and sales just aren't enough to keep the game going.

As you can see from the featured image above, they're currently running a sale until the end of February. This is to clean out whatever product might be left in the warehouse. So you'd better get your orders in quick. There won't be any more after this.