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Happy Seppuku updates Your Board Kickstarter

Happy Seppuku has restructured their Your Board Kickstarter campaign to give you a better value.

Happy Seppuku


From them to you:

Happy Seppuku Model Works take pride in being a company that works with its customers and backers to create the tools that they feel will make the hobby they love better. While the project is funded, recently backers for our Your Board Kickstarter, came to us and asked us to do some revamping of the campaign, based on discussions they have been having in their local shops and on the forums they frequent. Working with them, Happy Seppuku Model Works, has implemented some changes including a refocus on the core moulds of the system and increasing amount of rewards our pledges will receive with Location kits . We feel, like our backers, that this should stoke the fire a bit and get funding moving like it did at the start line, so it can be as successful as our last campaign. If you haven’t been by the site lately come by and check it out.