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Happy Seppuku previews new Kickstarter teaser

Happy Seppuku has posted up a teaser video for their next Kickstarter campaign.


From the post:

Happy Seppuku Model Works is proud to announce a return to Kickstater. For now we have launched a teaser trailer to get people ready, and to give them a taste of what we plan on biting off this time. Our new YOUR BOARD tile system will be a set of tools to allow you to make your own dungeon, starship, lair or HQ from scratch without feeling like you just bought a real building. The Kickstarter will focus on improving from prototype to a clean precise set of tools to help you make your table look like a professional sculpted and produced every tile. As last time one of our favorite things about Kickstater is the amount of input from our backers to help make it their product. We are on track to launch by the end of August, so be prepared, because this time it is bigger than bases.