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Happy Seppuku passes funding goal, shows off more photo examples of product

Happy Seppuku made it up and over their funding goal on Kickstarter. So it's 26 days of stretch goals. To help out, they've posted more photos of the new stamps as well as base textures made with the stamps.

From the update:

Happy Seppuku modelworks has made their $10K goal in just under 36 hours! The first stretch goal, will throw in some bases and extra putty for pledges, and it is looking in sight already!

Happy Seppuku Model Works is a company that is dedicated to helping others in the hobby we love. We like to find new and inventive ways to improve the models and scenery of their games, all while trying to help our customers save money in the long run. We have been producing our base texture stamps for two years now with great success; however we are ready to step up our game a bit. This means improving our tools and offering an even better product than what our customers are already raving about.