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Happy Seppuku launches Your Board: Create Your Own Dungeon Tiles

Happy Seppuku Model Works launched a Kickstarter campaign for their new Your Board dungeon-tile creation system. Make your own dungeon tiles in the comfort of your own home.

Happy Seppuku


From the campaign:

Happy Seppuku Model Works is excited to announce the launch of our Your Board Kickstarter. This time we are taking on Gaming (dungeon) Tiles! Although “Your Board” is NOT A TILE SYSTEM, it is a set of tools to HELP YOU MAKE YOUR OWN TILE SYSTEM!

The tools are simple and versatile to use. The core system being the tile mould, demonstrated in the main Kickstarter video, is a modular mould that will allow you to make any tile pattern up to a 5”X5” square, and includes guides to for making a 1” square grid. Those familiar with our base texture line will be pleased to see those are involved as well. You will be able to use them to add the texture to your tiles and walls (yes this means if you have some stamps you already own part of the system). To that end we will be making more of stamps with the Kickstarter. Lastly the system includes molds to make full doors, objective markers and other items you may have throughout your dungeon.

The Kickstarter will focus on two things 1) cleaning up the lines on the moulds so you can the most professional looking dungeon tiles possible & 2) getting feedback from backers so we know the tools we are making are exactly what they feel they need to make the perfect gaming tiles for their miniatures to live and play in!

Come on by the Kickstarter page and check out all of the information on “Your Board,” this time it’s bigger than bases!