Happy Seppuku launches new line

Happy Seppuku released a new line of products to help you make inserts for round-lip bases.


From the release:

Happy Seppuku Model Works is proud to announce the first in new line of READY BASE MOULDS available for pre-sale now! These moulds were designed to give miniature artist the perfect build platform to create the ground work for their bases prior to attaching it the base. Each mould is designed to give the artist a clean perfect edge to line up the ground work with their base, either creating an insert for lipped bases or matching to the top of non-lipped bases. There is plenty of run off area for those that like to do ‘oversized ground work’ but still have a bottom that is level to the table.

Ready Base Moulds are made from firm silicone providing a clean release from almost all sculpting material. Additionally they are heat resistant up to 400F (204C) allowing for the use of bake clay like Sculpty, by placing the mould and ground work right into the oven together to maintain the clean edge, drastically reducing the cost of bases. They work great with our previously released stamps or on their own for more freehanded work. They are prefect for those that want to create custom markers or terrain pieces that fit tight to a base.

The first Ready Base Moulds will be released August 4th for 30mm, 40mm, & 50mm lipped bases, with more varieties to come out through the rest of the year. Catch them on pre-sale now at reduced prices.