Happy Seppuku launches Base Texture Stamps Kickstarter campaign

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
Jun 14th, 2013

Happy Seppuku launched a Kickstarter project in order to help fund new base texture stamps. Don’t leave your models on boring, blank bases anymore!

From the campaign:

Happy Seppuku Model Works is a company that is dedicated to helping others in the hobby we love. We like to find new and inventive ways to improve the models and scenery of their games, all while trying to help our customers save money in the long run. We have been producing our base texture stamps for two years now with great success; however we are ready to step up our game a bit. This means improving our tools and offering an even better product than what our customers are already raving about.

To this means we have launched a Kickstarter campaign from June 14th to July 14th! Come by and check out what we plan to do to help you create a better looking game with out breaking the bank!

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  • Sisyphus

    Ummm… Happy Seppuku? Happy Suicide?

    I assume you know that seppuku means suicide and an often forced one too.

    I can’t think of many worse names for a company and I find it distasteful.

    I’m sure it’ll be said I’m overreacting but if you want to have something distateful at least rename it into something more colorful like

    “Redneck Shotgun Lollipop”

    • I am just guessing wildly here but I don’t think there is any malice in the name – quite the contrary. Maybe it’s been a life long dream of theirs to open up a business that deals with our hobby. That means economical suicide for most. Tons of extra hours poured into something for very little returns… Happy suicide just means they’re doing it anyway and if it fails it fails. My take of course and why I’d ever call my company happy seppuku if I did.

      • Sisyphus

        Heh… fair enough. But nothing beats Crunchy Frog Games.

  • estrus

    Backing this. Sounds like an awesome time and cash saver!