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Handbook: House Liao Art Notes, Part 1

Catalyst Game Labs have posted the art notes for the BattleTech Handbook: House Liao supplement. From their website:
For a Handbook, there are 4 different art note documents, each with their own set of guidelines, art references, and so on. They are: cover, B&W non-units illustrations, unit/equipment illustrations, and color section illustrations. In addition to a word document, each has a folder of compiled references for ease of use by the Art Director and artists (culled jps/pdfs from a host of pre-existing references), as well as a General Art references folder of all things Capellan; this last folder is for review by any artist to get a feel for the continuity of House Liao aesthetics as they create new and cool visuals that tie into those aesthetics, while forging a cool new look. For this blog we’ll dive right in and tackle the biggest art notes document: B&W bon-unit illustrations.