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Hand of the King Now Available From Fantasy Flight Games

The king is having a feast. It will be the most grand feast anyone can ever remember. At this feast, he will be picking a new Hand, the person who will help with everyday running of the kingdom and be his most trusted advisor. You want to be in that position. Of course, you're not the only one. So you'll have to be shrewd, not waste a moment to back-stab an opponent, and get help from Varys, the Master of Whispers. That's the story behind Hand of the King, the new card game available from Fantasy Flight Games.

Players take on the role of characters in the Song of Ice and Fire series looking to be the new Hand of the King. You'll do this by sending Varys through the halls of the castle on errands to gain support from the other characters in the book's universe. Create alliances of convenience with your other players, then break them when the time is best. Only one player can be the King's new Hand, and you are going to make sure you're it.

You can pick up your copy at your LGS or in the Fantasy Flight Games webshop now.