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Hand of Death - Rats and Turtles miniatures set Indiegogo campaign

Greebo has launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund a new set of Rats and Turtles fantasy sports minis.


From the campaign:

The project: this year Greebo Games is celebrating the ultimate technology, 3D sculpture! What’s better to show off our new techniques than create a whole new team? Everything produced by Greebo Games!

A well projected Japanese Rats Team ready for the pitch right after our known Waag Saabhi, the Nippo Goblin Team that we launched on our last campaign. We would like to give you all the necessary to play and have fun with this new team such as a specific pitch to play on, several markers, Star Players and coaching staff! Every character will be a discovery and a wonderful sight for your eyes. The attention to details made from our Senior Character Designer will show you exactly what will be our finished work, who will born only with YOUR HELP. But we won’t stop here! We have had a lot of requests for our Tartalar models for Tutatis, so now you have the chance to get them in a bigger size, perfect for Fantasy Football! Armed Turtles, Robots, Chimeras, everybody ready to go on a pitch. Is this all? NO! You fill find even some more miniatures, available ONLY during conventions and campaigns!

Just one more thing: do not forget to HAVE FUN following our new Hand of Death campaign!