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Hand Cannon Online Reviews: Super Dungeon Explore Expansions

Hand Cannon Online has an article up reviewing the expansions for Super Dungeon Explore. Go have yourself a look-see.

From the article:

I confess, I am a bit biased on this one. I love Anime, manga, and Chibi / Super Deformed art and minis. I love the miniatures that Soda Pop minis puts out. And I have found the customer service by the guys at Soda pop to easily be on par with that of Privateer Press (ie superlative). So when it comes to products like Super Dungeon Explore, I get all …"Shut Up and take my money!"

But at least here on Handcannon I’m not alone. See a few of our previous posts on SDE and their Heroes, Monsters, and Assembly of their original set. Today I’m going to look at the sets that have come out since. You can click on the pictures for a closer view.