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Hand Cannon Online - Removed From Play : Episode 24

Hand Cannon Online has put episode 24 of Removed From Play up online for your listening pleasure.
Yes, I know it's not Thursday yet. They put the show up early this week.

In this episode:

The 24th episode of REMOVED FROM PLAY. Hosted by Charles (Omnus), and Emanuel (Bloodrath).

This episode is new ground for RFP. A huge personal goal has been to get more competitive events going in my area. With assistance from PG_ErictheRed and PG_Geist we completed the first RFP Championship. 32 players brought their armies to Card Kingdom in Seattle. 5 rounds of SR 2013 later and we had a champion. During the event I pulled players aside to discuss the round, their caster choices, important moments in the game and what brought the game to it’s end. Which means that most of this podcast is recording live at Card Kingdom. There is some background noise but that is hard to completely avoid when recording this way. I hope the chance to hear directly from players as they complete their games outweighs the minor chatter and rumbling.

Huge thanks to Card Kingdom, Lucas, Eric and all the guys who made it to the event!

Enjoy the 24th Episode!

Event Coverage – 4:24
Control Area – 1:57:13