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Hand Cannon Online - Removed From Play : Episode 2 now online

Removed From Play has episode 2 of their podcast up online for your listening pleasure.

In this episode:

Hosted by Omnus and PG_Bloodrath. The podcast starts off with the hosts talking about the swarm of good feedback on the first episode. After thanking the listeners for all their kind words the hosts go into recent events, and the upcoming summer rampage. The other topics they hit on during this episode includes…

-Who are the Top Tier Casters?
-Why are some casters placed on the “A+” Tier?
-Does Hordes get any Warlock on that level?
-Gencon and why was Menoth so successful?
-I just want to play big Robots!
-Battle Engines and their Roles

With some tangents mixed in between. At the end they also go over upcoming events and articles for Hand Cannon Online.

We Hope you Enjoy!