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Hand Cannon Online posts update about PAX Australia

Hand Cannon Online got some passes to head to PAX Australia and has posted up some of their experiences while at the show.

From the article:

Once, Long ago, PAX stood for the Penny Arcade Expo – an enormous gaming convention – trade show – geek shindig – all mashed into one. As years went by, it became larger and larger. It packed out convention centers on first the West coast of the US, then moved to PAX east – where it packed out convention centers on the East coast. Tickets would sell out almost as soon as they were released, and so soon PAX became so large that it simply stood for itself.

Then in July 2013, PAX came to the great southern land … this is one small part of that story.

Part of my Geek Posse and I snaffled some three day passes (note – they sold out within three days of their release) and trekked south to Melbourne.