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Hand Cannon Online posts PAX Australia recap #2: Cosplay

Hand Cannon Online gives us more of their time at PAX Australia with a look at some of the cosplayers that were sighted while there.
Note: TGN is a firm believer that all cosplayers should be treated with respect.

From the update:

there was plenty of amazing cosplay at PAX. There were also plenty of geeks out there who just enjoy wearing outlandish clothes and amazing coloured hair. And then there are the booth babes. So this article will mostly just be a photodump of some of the pics I took from the show. Feel free to join me in a game of “Cosplay or not”.

I’d also like to give a special THANKYOU! to everyone who appears in this photo dump. Whether you dressed up for the show, or if you always look this awesome, THANKYOU