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Hand Cannon Online posts episode 33 of Removed From Play

Hand Cannon Online has changed to Tuesday posting and has put episode 33 of Removed From Play up online for your listening pleasure.
This has totally rearranged my week, by the way, Geist!

In this episode:

The 33rd episode of REMOVED FROM PLAY. Hosted by Charles (Omnus), and Emanuel (Bloodrath).

Emanuel and Charles discuss lists for Legion, Merc, Circle and Cryx. Emanuel goes into his new painting idea for Thagrosh. And for the Control Area we discuss the concept of "Net-Listing".

Enjoy the 33rd Episode!

List Building - 6:12
Painting Projects - 1:20:59
The Control Area - 1:39:04

You can also check out Removed From Play on Facebook! Emanuel and I try to stay very active talking with our listeners. We also post tons of pics from our painting projects.