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Hammerin' Iron rules now at Brookhurst Hobbies

Hammerin' Iron 2011 EditionBrookhurst Hobbies now have stock of the Hammerin' Iron American Civil War naval rules from Peter Pig as well as several new packs of 15mm figures. From their announcement:
Hammerin' Iron (2011 Edition), Peter Pig's rule-book for American Civil War Ironclads and wooden ships, has just arrived at Brookhurst Hobbies and is available for sale, along with an assortment of new figures for Peter Pig's modern warfare, WWII, ACW, and AWI ranges.
  • Hammerin' Iron 2011 Edition $31.99 USD
  • British Line Infantry Tricorne (B) $4.89 USD
  • Battle Clock $4.89 USD
  • German Downed Aircrew $4.89 USD
  • British Homeguard With Rifles $4.89 USD
  • British Homeguard W/Lewis, Molotov, Smg $4.89 USD
  • British Homeguard Officer/Sgt/Cpl $4.89 USD
  • British Homeguard On Bicycle $4.89 USD
  • US Squad Leaders $4.89 USD
  • US Squad Leaders $4.89 USD
  • USMC Medics $4.89 USD