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Hammerhead Expansion for Arsenal: Arena Combat Card Game Up On Kickstarter

Woo! Giant robots! Woo!
The second expansion for Arsenal: Arena Combat, the Hammerhead, is up on Kickstarter now and looking for funding love. Come on, guys! It's got giant robots! And they fight one-another! What more could you want?

So, what does the Hammerhead bring to the arena... err, table? Well, there's the new Hammerhead mech, of course. Then there's 2 copies of 10 all-new cards to outfit it with. The Hammerhead is all about offensive power. Deal damage. Penetrate your opponent's armor. Rip giant chunks out of their chassis. Just go right to town on 'em! Of course, if you want to use the cards to tweak your other Arsenal: Arena Combat decks, you can certainly do that, too. And there's no long wait to get your product after the campaign ends. If it funds, you can expect your cards in July.

They're just under half-funded. This is a quick campaign. There's only 12 days left to jump in if you want. So you'd better hurry.