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Hammer & Bolter : Issue 7 available for pre-order

Issue 7 of Black Library's Hammer & Bolter fiction monthly is now available for pre-order. From their website:
Hammer & Bolter is Black Library’s monthly fiction magazine. Each issue is packed with all-new short stories, serialised novels, interviews, previews and more. In This Issue
  • Phalanx Chapter 8 – Ben Counter. After the shock revelation in the previous installment the battle for Phalanx goes into overdrive.
  • Manbane – Andy Hoare. A rampaging band of beastmen learn the folly of crossing a practitioner of the necromantic arts.
  • Flesh – Chris Wraight. Deep in the bowels of a hive city, a band of fighters learn that sometimes your allies can be a bigger threat than your enemy – especially when those allies are the Iron Hands.
  • The Last Remembrancer – John French (text and audio). When a ship is found drifting on an approach to Terra, Iacton Qruze and a loyalist Primarch must discover where the occupant’s loyalties lie.
  • All this and an interview with Darius Hinks too.