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Halo HeroClix Master Chief and Arbiter preview

WizKids have posted a preview of the Master Chief and Arbiter dual figure for the Halo HeroClix game. From their website:
The UNSC and the Covenant have long opposed each other but there are threats in the galaxy capable of bringing soldiers together despite their mutual enmity. For just such an occassion, we are pleased to present you all with the Master Chief and Arbiter. Master Chief and Arbiter manuever onto the battlefield strafing their foes with Running Shot and Energy Explosion. With two targets at 7 range, Master Chief and Arbiter can elect to attack multiple enemies with Energy Explosion or simply share three damage between two targets of their choosing. Multiple clicks of Outwit ensure that Master Chief and Arbiter will strike at their enemies weak points and generaly make things difficult for their opposition.