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Halo: Ground Command Shipping This Week

We've got just under a week left in July. Spartan Games had said that they were going to be shipping out Halo: Ground Command in July. That means that the game should be shipping out this week.
Well, that, and Spartan sent out a press release saying it was going to be shipping this week. So there's that.

The game pits the UNSC versus the Covenant in a format that people are a bit more used to, fighting between ground troops on the surface of the planet. Not that there's anything wrong with fleet combat actions, mind you. But yeah, the starter set for this 1/100-scale game comes with two forces, and includes terrain, rulebook, and even dice so you can get playing as soon as the glue dries on the figures.

If you pre-ordered, expect it on your doorstep in the next week or so.