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Halls of Terra for Relic Now Available from Fantasy Flight Games

Terra. Earth. The cradle of humanity. In the grimdark future, the entire Sol system is considered rather holy and trying to get onto Terra, itself, is quite a task, fraught with many dangers. Halls of Terra for Relic lets players make that journey in order to gain power and influence to help with Antian sector hijinks. A lot of the battles being fought around Sol are not the same as fighting rampaging Orcs or Tyranids, but they can be just as deadly.


The new expansion comes with three new heroes for you to play or a new nemesis ("Do you know what nemesis means?") to mess things up with. There's a side-board for you traverse around the Sol system. And, of course, there's plenty of new Threats to take on and Equipment to get when (hopefully) you survive.
You can pick up Halls of Terra from your LGS or from the Fantasy Flight webshop.