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Half Price Battlefield Objectives from Spartan Games

Spartan Games is having a special sale on their Dystopian Legions Battlefield Objectives for the rest of the month.


From the announcement:

Whilst some battles may be fought simply to inflict as many casualties as possible, many more are struggles over vital Objectives. Add more to your tabletop with the Dystopian Legions Battlefield Objectives Set. Each of the 8 Objectives in the box are stunningly detailed, adding great feel and flavour to a battle.

With these markers, a narrative theme to a game will naturally emerge. Now your Britannian Line Infantry can clash with Blazing Sun Ashigaru over Sturginium Cannisters and Ammo Crates, or your Teutonic Knights can defend Fuel Caches and Fallen Flags from fast moving Treadbikes

Until March 31st the Spartan Games Online Store is offering the Dystopian Legions Battlefield Objective Set at HALF PRICE, so now is the time to grab them.