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H.P. Lovecraft joins Dominion of the Gods from Comfy Chair Games

Comfy Chair Games is going insane and they've got the minis to prove it with adding Lovecraftian horrors to Dominion of the Gods.

From the update:

We are happy to announce the addition to the QuickStart box sets that are available for the Dominion of the gods, kickstarter campaign. This new QuickStart box set is based off the works of H.P. Lovecraft and is titled the “space and time box set.” This box set focuses on the creatures from Lovecraft's Mythos that move through space and time.

In this box set you will find:
Yog-Sothoth (50 mm base)

Mi-go with lightning gun (40 mm base)

Mi-go with plasma ejector (40 mm base)

Shoggoth (40 mm base)

Keziah Mason with Brown Jenkin (40 mm base/possible extra 30 mm base for Brown)

What H.P. Lovecraft fanatic can say no to this box set? Come help us make this a reality and pledge to our kickstart campaign. We guarantee you will be happy you did.