GZG release Molt miniatures

Ground Zero Games are now selling a pack of 28mm Molt figures from the Hammer's Slammers universe. pack_group.jpg From their website:
Available now - Molts: Lizard men from the Slammer's Universe, in 25/28mm. These figures have been specially commissioned by John Treadaway, co-author of the HAMMER'S SLAMMERS sourcebook and game system; the designs are approved by David Drake, and we are casting and selling them. The Molts are quasi-reptilian primitives that appear in Drake's novel "At Any Price"; they fight humans using captured human weapons and equipment plus a unique innate ability to teleport - making them formidable opponents in their natural jungle habitat. The Molt miniatures stand approx. 25mm from foot to eye, making them ideal for use with any other 25/28mm ranges, and come in a set of 8 figures comprising 5 different poses. In John's own words: "After consultation with Dave Drake, author of the Hammer's Slammers series, a range of humanoid lizards called Molts are now available from Ground Zero Games. In 28mm (although, as they are shorter than humanoids they stand around 25mm tall) these creatures (from Drake's story "At any Price") are one of the few aliens featured in the military SF classics. They are primitive teleporting peoples who fight using hit and run tactics and found weapons and will be featured in the upcoming release of the Hammer's Slammers Table top gaming system - Hammer's Slammers: The Crucible. A pack of these, sculpted by the talented Martin Baker, will feature 8 figures: 1 Leader with a close combat blade (and larger horns as befits his age); and 7 younger Hunters, Warriors and adolescents armed with combat shot guns (2) Powerguns (4 in two different poses) and 1 with an RPG or 'Buzzbomb'. The sample pack shown is painted by Kevin Dallimore." The Molts pack is out now, and you'll find it on the Hammer's Slammers page of our 25mm Stargrunt figures section of the online store.