GZG Post-Christmas update

Ground Zero Games have posted an update on the status of orders from their Xmas Special Offer.

From their website:

I hope you all had a very happy and peaceful Christmas with friends and family, and are looking forward to the coming New Year celebrations. Like many of you, I’m now firmly back at work after the Christmas weekend and working steadily through the huge pile of orders still to be processed. All that I can ask is that you please be patient if you are waiting for an order – while I got as many as possible out before Christmas, there are still many more to do, and given the mail disruption and bad weather we experienced before the holidays even those that did get out of the door are quite likely to take a good bit longer than usual to get to their destinations.

I hope that I will manage to get most, if not all, of the outstanding orders placed during the Xmas Offer period out sometime this week, so that you all get them well before the offer vouchers become valid in February – but if you placed an order after the end of the offer then please be aware that these are very unlikely to be dispatched until some time into January . If you’re thinking of placing an order now, you can do so and it will be added to the pile – but realistically you may prefer to wait a couple of weeks till I let you know that we are getting caught up and back to more normal dispatch times.