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GZG new website and price increase

Ground Zero Games are updating their online store as well as increasing their prices. From their website:
The new store will be a completely different format to the old one, hopefully easier to navigate and use, and it will have all the features that are expected these days but that the old store lacked - including instant online processing of customer card payments, integrated Paypal payment option, calculation of shipping costs at time of order (so you know exactly what you'll be paying before you make the final clicks), the ability to check the status of your order online, and much more. Eventually there will even be more product photos (when we can get them added, so don't expect 100% of these immediately), and much better integrated galleries of pictures.
Those if you who have been customers of ours for a long while will be aware that we have not actually had any significant price changes to most of our ranges for something like TWELVE YEARS. In that time, the cost of metal has spiralled by something like 300%, and virtually everything else has gone up as well - but we've held our prices stable on existing codes, absorbing all these changes despite being squeezed onto lower and lower margins with every increase in our costs. We've even so far absorbed the recent 2.5% VAT increase as far as our UK and EU customers are concerned while passing on the extra saving to all our US and other non-EU customers. Sadly we just can't do this any longer - some (not all) prices simply HAVE to go up at last to reflect realistic materials and running costs, and the revamping of the webstore provides us with the most practical opportunity to do this. So, when the new store opens for business, there will be price increases on some items - mostly on older codes that have been the same prices for many years, but also on some newer items where materials cost increases have hit particularly painfully. We will be keeping the effects of these increases to the minimum that we possibly can, and trust that you will still find that we offer exceptional value for money.