GZG new releases now available

Ground Zero Games have added their previously announced 15mm sci-fi figures to their online store.
  • SG15-X12 "Crusty" support launcher/mortar teams (2 teams - 2 weapons, 4 crew)
  • SG15-X13 "Crusty" support Heavy Arc Gun (HAG) teams (2 teams - 2 weapons, 4 crew)
  • SG15-Z13 NI (New Israeli) Heavy Plasma Gun teams (2 teams - 2 guns and powerpacks, 4 prone crew)
  • SG15-Z14 NI (New Israeli) RAFRAM mortar teams (2 teams - 2 mortars and bases, 4 kneeling crew)
From their website:
The four new 15mm codes mentioned below (support weapon teams for the NI and Crusties) are now in the store and ready to order. They're to be found in the Infantry listings of the Stargrunt 15mm pages.