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GZG new online store is open

Ground Zero Games have opened their new online store. From their website:
OK everyone, the new store is open for business! Just click the "online store" link above and it should take you to the NEW store instead of the old one! Just before you all do that, please read the notes below: 1) We've worked hard on the new store (especially Paul with doing all the techie stuff), but inevitably there will be some things we've missed, bits that don't work quite as they should yet, etc. If you find anything that doesn't work properly, or that you find particularly confusing when using it, please let us know - our email addresses are in the "contact us" section. 2) The new store is still a work in progress - one of the first things you will notice is that there are STILL quite a few items (mainly in the older ranges) without decent pictures; yes, we are aware of this and I'll be trying to take some new shots and get them uploaded as time allows. Some of the pics that are up are the best we have of old items, they need improving but will have to be better than nothing for the time being! There are also a number of things not currently on the store that WILL be coming back - in particular all the FT Fleet Deals, 15mm Platoon Packs and 15mm Battleforces are not currently listed, because I need to reorganise and modify a lot of these and I simply haven't had time to do that yet. They will be added back as soon as possible.
Check out their website for full details.