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GZG final Salute update

Ground Zero Games have posted their final Salute 2011 update. From their website:
Well, it's now midnight on Thursday 14th, and all the casting that can be done is finished. Tomorrow morning (Friday), everything gets loaded into the van and it's off to EXCEL for the show! The news on the stock situation for the show is that I've managed to get plenty of 15mm stuff done, so that should all be OK. We will also have good stocks of the most popular FT fleets, though availability of some of the older and/or minor power fleets may be rather patchy. For 25mm figures we will have a good selection of ready-packed blisters of Stargrunt figures, though some of the codes that we still sell as single figures may be limited or out of stock - I'm afraid that time simply beat me as far as they were concerned, and that is also the situation for the 6mm and 2mm lines - I didn't even have time to look at them, let alone cast any, so I'm going with what is currently in the stock drawers; some codes will be available, some won't. Apologies in advance for any disappointment this may cause, but there just wasn't enough time available to restock everything!