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GZG closed for a month

Ground Zero Games is closed for the month of March while they work on filling back-orders and move to a new website and webhost. From their website:
Right, it's Tuesday morning, 1st March, and as promised in my brief posting last night, time for more detailed info. As explained in earlier posts, we are now closed to all orders (online, email, phone AND post) until we are ready to re-open with the all-new online store. I hope that the re-opening will not be later than the start of April, but that's just going to depend on how fast I can get things done and what problems we hit. All the pages of the current store are still up, so you can still browse our products and have a think about what you'd like to get when we re-open, but you can't select items or put them in the cart. Please don't email or phone me to ask if you can place an order anyway, because we are closed to all new orders.. The old store pages will continue to show the old prices of all items until they are taken down and replaced with the new store listings - there will be some price increases when the new store goes live, as explained in earlier posts - ever-rising costs have made this unavoidable - but please see the shows info below for some special news. Special note: over the next couple of days, my web admin (and thus the gzg site) will be moving over to a new hosting company - this shouldn't affect anything except that there may be a little down-time involved in the changeover - all the relevant URLs and other details will be unchanged, so you shouldn't have to alter your bookmarks.