GZG Christmas Special Offers 2010

Ground Zero Games have posted details of their 2010 Xmas Special Offers.

From their website:

Yes, it’s that time of year again. We’ve given you all a little prior warning this year about the start of our Christmas Special Offer, and now it’s here.

Our 2010 Xmas Special starts from 00.01 (UK time) hours on Wednesday 1St December and runs for a fraction over two weeks, ending strictly at 24.00 (UK time) on Wednesday 15th December. Please note this is a shorter offer period than previous years, because we want to get all pre-Christmas orders dispatched well before we close up for the holidays. All qualifying orders (which are all those for over £30 of product) will get two specials included:

1) All orders for £30 or more at list prices get a free goodie bag of extra minis and stuff – how much you get depends on the size of your order, and we’ll tailor most of the contents to fit the kind of stuff you are ordering (plus the occasional odd item that might tempt you into other ranges and scales…). What goes in the bag is OUR choice, so no cheekily asking for particular things please, but those of you who have had our previous Xmas deals will know that we give you a generous selection of stuff that you can actually use for your armies/fleets.

Sometimes we put in the odd special or unreleased item too, so you never know what you might get….

2) In addition to the Free Stuff, qualifying orders will also get a voucher that you can use to get a generous discount off a further order placed after Christmas – so you can get your pre-Xmas stuff now, and then use the voucher up when you have some gift money from all those relatives who have absolutely no idea what to buy for you.

Check out their website for full details.