GZG Christmas Offer has now ended

The Ground Zero Games Christmas Offer has now ended.

From their website:

The Christmas Offer has now ended as advised, at midnight last night. There was the expected last-seconds flurry of orders, which have joined the end of the processing queue. I haven’t yet had any of the inevitable “Oh, I missed the end of the sale, can I still get in on it…?” emails (there are a few of these every year, without fail), but to save you the trouble I’m afraid the answer will have to be “no” – it’s simply not fair on all those customers who DIDN’T forget the deadline.

So, where do we stand now? Well, I’ve got a pile of orders for processing that you just wouldn’t believe (I hardly believe it myself – it’s well over double the number of orders compared with this time last year), and I’m working through them as quickly as possible – but it’s a slow process, as now many of the stock bins are empty and I’m having to cast stuff up for almost every order – I’m not kidding when I say that some of the metal is still warm when it’s going in the packages. All I can tell you is that orders WILL go out as fast as possible, but there are a lot that won’t make it out of the door this side of Christmas – even if I worked literally 24/7 on them, there still wouldn’t be time to clear them all. So, please bear with me and you’ll have your stuff as soon as I can make and pack it. Can I please respectfully ask that you not bombard us with emails asking about dispatch times on particular orders, because I can’t give an accurate answer to that – also, every email I have to answer takes time, and that is time in which I could be packing YOUR order, or someone else’s. The orders are being processed in something as close to chronological order as possible, so those who ordered first should get their stuff first, though occasionally we will process a few orders out of sequence for stock availability reasons (if a small order can be packed and shipped from available stock, we won’t hold it up behind a larger one that is waiting for items to be cast).

As things stand at present, I’m not planning to actually close the store to new orders – if you still want to place one this side of Christmas then you can do so, but please be aware that any placed now will most definitely not be shipped until well into January.

If The Gods are willing, we’ll be all up to date and back to normal in good time for you to start spending your vouchers in February – and hopefully there will be some more new stuff ready by then as well.

Thank you all once again for your support, understanding and most of all patience. I hope you all have a great Festive Season with friends and family around you, and here’s to a good 2011 for us all.