GZG changes UK minimum postage

Ground Zero Games have made changes to their UK minimum postage rates.

From their website:

With immediate effect (as of 19th May 2010) we are increasing the minimum postage/packing charge on UK orders to £2.50, so all UK orders under £25 value will be charged £2.50 p&p; for orders above £25 the rate will remain at 10%, with a maximum charge of £10.

The reason for this alteration is that since Royal Mail’s change in its way of charging postage (the “pricing in proportion” system) was introduced a couple of years ago, we have been significantly subsidising the p&p on many small UK orders, since the old £1 minimum charge failed to cover the cost of all but a very few packets. Until now we have absorbed this cost, but with the ever-increasing postal bill we have finally had to make this change.

Please note that our basic % rate of UK p&p charge is unchanged, it is still 10% of order value, it is only the minimum charge that has altered.