GW rumoured to restrict foreign sales in new trade account terms

By tgn_admin
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May 13th, 2011

Rumour has it that Games Workshop will be unveiling new trade account terms and conditions next week that will restrict independent retailers from selling to countries such as Brazil, Australia and New Zealand.

The issue is also being discussed on Warseer.

Update: The Painting Friog blog has posted a follow-up article with comments on the issue from Wayland Games.

  • Veritas

    If this affects Japan I’ll either stop buying GW product or get a buddy somewhere to buy the stuff for me and ship it on. The MSRP for GW product in Japan is almost double the MSRP in the US and UK.

  • baronvoncarson

    If this goes through, GW is going to suffer big time in Australia. Can only be good news for every other game company around. Privateer will be the biggest winners imo.

  • cybogoblin

    So, instead of buying from Maelstrom at a fair price, I have to go to my local GW store here in NZ and pay GW’s desired price? Pardon my language, but f$!* that.

    The NZ dollar has been strong for a while now, pushing the exchange rate from 1GBP:3NZD down to 1GBP:2NZD. Doesn’t seem like much, but it makes a difference when you’re buying a half dozen boxes of GW product. Despite this change in the dollar, we’re still paying the old price on GW product. Frankly, this is ludicrous, especially with the current economic climate. Besides, GW still gets their money, even if we do buy from Maelstrom.


  • unihead

    Truly astonishing, isn’t it, that some companies continue to pretend that the internet and global retailing doesn’t exist. Adobe is another one that springs to mind, who charge 60% more for their software in Australia than the US, for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

    Keep plunging your heads deeper into the sand GW. Some companies adapt – others die.

  • Spellscape

    As store owner I can say one thing – without this selling GW products doesn’t have sense. Why support games who no one buys locally?

    • Zac

      You are quite correct. GW has set prices for their products that aren’t in line with the actual exchange rates and its quite a disadvantage for local retailers to have to compete with online stores that benefit from this arbitrary pricing.

      The solution to my mind is to make the pricing fairer so that local retailers have a level playing field at which to compete against online retailers.

      • PanzerKraken

        Exchange rates are not the only factor when it comes to the price of products in different regions. It’s not unique to GW products.

        • Zac

          But it is sadly the only thing that customers can see when they compare prices.

          GW owes it to their customers to educate them about their pricing policies and the reasons for them instead of just leaving them in the dark

  • I hope they do !
    We stopped buying GW in our local gaming club for more than 3 years now.
    In the first place a lot of people thought we … ??? but many followed and joined us.
    A new world went open with many good and nice games and we find back our gaming spirit. Energy that went lost in the past, fighting against GW policy here.
    GW policy is killing the fun and isn’t that what we are looking for in gaming ?
    GW is like a drug but ones you are clean, you become a new gamer. 🙂

    We thank GW for helping us.

  • If this is true, then it doesn’t sound good. Though we haven’t heard anything from the other side. I’d be curious to know how Oceanian retailers feel about this.

    I’d also like to respectfully comment that I don’t think rumors are appropriate for a news website. Whatever people’s feelings for Games Workshop, I don’t think posting rumors like this do anything but lead to uninformed comment, and the ubiquitous negative comments.

    Now if this were/had actually happening/happened, then we’d have something to comment about. However no matter how sure the rumor may be, it’s still from the source of a member of a website on which the owner of some online shop also posts.

    • mangustheix

      Maelstrom have confirmed there are changes to their TCs coming soon, and the official announcement is on Monday 16th. I would say this qualifies as a newsworthy story, rather than a random rumour

      • Zac

        It is Maelstrom’s public comment and a set date for the announcement from GW that pushes this from rumor mongering to a newsworthy item

  • They are slowly realizing that they have a customer base, that no matter what they do, will not leave. I’ve seen this first hand and it is very sad.

    They are also slowly realizing that they can make more money by making people buy from them.

    Mark my words, in the next 5 years they will be mail order only..

    • Zac

      I suspect that this might be caused by local suppliers and retailers complaining to GW about the loss of sales to online stores.

      I don’t know of a lot of people in Aus and NZ that buy locally due to the price differential and GW appears to have decided that this is an easier fix than creating pricing driven by exchange rates.

      I often find it difficult to pay Canadian prices for GW products so I can’t imagine how infuriating it must be for people in Japan, Brazil, Argentina, Aus and NZ to pay their even higher rates.

      But, as Spellscape mentions, if GW doesn’t do something then their won’t be any local stores or retailers selling the product.

      I think its clearly an effort to stop local sales from haemorrhaging but I suspect that it isn’t the right solution.

  • tredhed

    Short term gain, Long term loss. At least in my opinion. There are times they make me wanna drop them entirely. But they are pretty hard to give up sometimes.

  • General Hobbs

    I used to drop about 3-4k a year on GW product. It was easy to quit when their prices went up. I bought an Xbox.

  • Mortis

    This is going to have an impact, Thing is thanks to our Aussie government with all the taxes and tariffs it has applied to local business when it comes to importing stock. leads to a 40% or more markup on prices to enable the retailers to make a small profit on the sales. this is applied to everything not just GW products. It is a shame I guess i can always get stuff shipped to friends in the UK/US and then they ship to me , Also there is always ebay 🙁

    • Osbad

      Varying national sales taxes and duties are a major factor here. However transparency on the vendor’s part is the answer here, not hammering the trade accounts of their biggest UK independent retailers…

  • Veritas

    Rumor no more. According to Maelstrom Games news box, from the 31st of May, they are no longer allowed to sell GW products outside the Euro zone.

    • Zac

      Just posted 🙂

  • ninja007

    So normally GW actively attempts to kill brick and mortar stores. This is simple, long-established fact. Now they are suddenly backing those stores? Why? Is it their only inroad to those countries, so they are stuck with them or nothing? Obviously it’s not out of any sense of fairness or support for those stores who are their best customers.

    • Zac

      Why? Is it their only inroad to those countries, so they are stuck with them or nothing?

      Good question. I suspect we’re never going to get an answer from GW about it.