GW release Legion of the Damned figures

Games Workshop have added their 40K Legion of the Damned Space Marine figures to their online store.

From their announcement:

Legion of the Damned
The Legion of the Damned are an Elite Space Marine unit who can always Deep Strike and whose 3+ saving throw is invulnerable. This set contains five Damned Legionnaires including a menacing looking Sergeant.

Damned Legionnaires 1
This pack of two Damned Legionnaires with boltguns is ideal for adding extra members to your Legion of the Damned squad.

Damned Legionnaires 2
Add additional members to your Legion of the Damned squad with this set of two Damned Legionnaires armed with boltguns.

Damned Legionnaire with Heavy Flamer
With two attacks each Damned Legionnaires make excellent assault troops. Thin out the enemy, before closing for the kill, with this heavy flamer.

Damned Legionnaire with Multi-Melta
Add some mobile heavy firepower to your Legion of the Damned squad – order a Damned Legionnaire with multi-melta.