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Guts N Gears: Wrath review with Doug Seacat and David Carl

The Guts N Gears podcast team have posted a new episode featuring Doug Seacat and David Carl from Privateer Press. From their announcement:
Wrath Series:
  • 00:00:00: Epic Wrath suggested theme tune Intro
  • 00:05:33: World Wide Events, Emails from the Listeners, Hobby + more.
  • 00:35:09: Doug Secat, Vitner... the opening scene prior Wrath + More.
  • 01:30:06: Mouth Of The South & Andres go through tips tactics and a in-depth review on Wrath
  • 03:29:03: Davd "The Hitman" Carl & Mouth of the South on Wrath Cryngar.