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Guts N Gears Two Year Anniversary Show

Guts N Gears have posted a new show celebrating their second year of producing their Warmachine and Hordes focused podcast. From their announcement:
2 years, MK2 Warmachine & Hordes. We salute you the gamer and the let the good times roll. Thank you for your support, Here is to 10 years of Privateer Press and here is to another 10. Show Notes: - Matt Wilson's 2009 Letter, - Andres and Mouth Of The South look back on MK2 and more - Matt Wilson Joins the love fest, with some spoliers - Doug Seacat (Lead Writer) Talks about Wrath Warcasters - David Carl touches on some Wrath Model Entries -Andrew, Paul, Craig, Andres & Mouth Of The South talk, discuss on MK2 and community. Part 2 to come with Vish.