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Guts N Gears Templecon 2012 3rd - 5th FEB. The Apocolaypse begins

Guts N Gears announce events to be held at Templecon next year:

From their announcement:

Guts N Gears Templecon Episode. 2012 3rd- 5th of Feb. 3 days of Wamrachine & Hordes
The Templecon Episode. "Probably the best 3 days of Warmachine & Hordes @ Templecon 2012, 3rd-5th Feb 2012."
"Bigger, Better & Stronger... Let The Good Times Continue To Roll!"
With a full house, Lady Ximon (Templecon Creative Director) & the GNG lads (who are also the main Warmachine & Hordes Templecon Organisers). The hosts go through the background of Templecon and the Warmachine & Hordes events with allot more going on at the Convention. Tune in and find out why this is one of the best coventions in the world.

Editor Note: Please note that the correct spelling is Apocalypse, the poster may have intended the title reference to be that way.